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A Truth About Libs...

From Me... a nobody... with 8 followers on twatter... and half a dozen Fake Book friends...

If we seperated the united states in two parts... that is... draw a line exactly down the middle. Then... put a fence up... separating the two halves.

The libs took one half and the conservitives the other... it doesn't matter which half... so we each could live in harmoney without bothering the other... peacefully... amoung ourselves... to do as we see fit... and be happy.

It wouldn't be long... before the left... regardless of which half they took... would start burrowing under the fence to get to the side the conservatives were on... and tell us how to live.

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  • daniels
    I would bet they'd be on the fence yelling across before they dug any holes
    #11 0 54d
  • daffie
    It wouldn't be long before the started moving the fence too!
    #12 0 54d
  • groucho
    Right after they claimed the fence was theirs to move...
    #13 0 54d

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Winter is Upon Us...

As we continue into winter...


...the climate changes.

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The New Dynamic Site...

This site is now powered by and is completely Dynamic!. T-Handle is a template language that employs object handlers that mine data from databases to produce web pages. T-Handle produces the HTML code that is sent over the wire and only the data has to be maintained. Yea T-Handle! T-Handle

Never heard of T-Handle... that's because I wrote it and the only place it's being used is right here! T-Handle is not yet ready for public consumption... but it will be soon... real soon!

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