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    The Circle and The Square...

    Man makes squares well: Look around. It seems all the roads, buildings and everything man creates are all based on squares or at least flat sided figures. There are some circles and curves but not many that serve a specific function.

    Man makes circles when he has to but not generally. The wheel for example wouldn't make it as a square. Neither would the airplane. But if buildings were made of circles wouldn't the wind travel around them more efficiently?

    Conversely, God makes circles well. Of course, He makes squares well too - He is the master of all. It seems that God speaks the circle fluently. Look at all the cells in the body or the planets in the universe. God uses circles in practically every thing he does.

    I think squares are easy while circles can be a chore to deal with. Therefore, man does squares and God does circles because He is God and there are no complexities for God.

    In retrospect, we can see why God uses so many circles. The circle is a better performer where the square or flat sided figure may be easier to create but has it's draw backs. Houses are made of squares. Look what happens in a hurricane. Wouldn't it be better if houses were made of circles?

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    A Good Verse of the Day...

    Omniscient - äm'niseǝnt,äm'niSHǝnt - All knowning + all wise + all powerful... all wrapped into one. Like Jesus and of course God.

    Omniscient or Um Knee See Ent

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    • kennyl
      That's cause it means a lot of things all at once.




    • bobp
      Think I'll just leave that one for you boys to use. Stickin with God Like.




    • kennyl
      Don't use it neither... I read it in a book. Put it here cause it makes me sound some kinda important.




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    A Handy Dandy Calendar...

    December 2022
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    Quote of the Day...

    "If God is your co-pilot
    you had better switch seats!"

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    Winter is Upon Us...

    As we continue into winter...


    ...the climate changes.

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    The New Dynamic Site...

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