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My Brother - Stickman...

They said he ate like a bird. In High School they called him "Stick Man". He looked like a display in an Orthopedic Surgeon's class. Saying he was high strung and full of energy was an understatement.

Stickman was a true sports fan. The rain man of sports statistics. The guy you wanted to talk to when you were in Vegas. My freinds actually got tired of me correcting them with: "Naugh, Stickman said..."

Known as Diamond Jim for his love of baseball. I remember when I was too tired to play... he got me a chair to pitch from.

A Dolphins fan to the mat. Predicted the 72 undefeated season. No lie. I was there. Everybody thought he was crazy. Believe it or don't.

Uncle lover dover muver nuver hover gover. Yes, uncle love love was the kid mauler. Kids didn't exactly like it, but he did. They would scream when they saw him coming but that didn't bother Stickman... he still loved em up!

That's because he had a BIG heart. It didn't matter what you said to him yesterday. If you were in need, Stickman came running.

You always knew were to get a good pizza. He didn't just make pizza, he hand tossed it. Flour everywhere and dough tags on the ceiling. My brother forgot more about pizza than most people know. He was the pizza king. Which was good... because... I didn't eat like a bird.

In all... if Stickman was a believer of the way? Then we will meet again. Untill then I will miss you "James". If he wasn't... he should have.

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A Good Verse of the Day...

Omniscient - äm'niseǝnt,äm'niSHǝnt - All knowning + all wise + all powerful... all wrapped into one. Like Jesus and of course God.

Omniscient or Um Knee See Ent

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  • kennyl
    That's cause it means a lot of things all at once.




  • bobp
    Think I'll just leave that one for you boys to use. Stickin with God Like.




  • kennyl
    Don't use it neither... I read it in a book. Put it here cause it makes me sound some kinda important.




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A Handy Dandy Calendar...

October 2021
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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Quote of the Day...

"If God is your co-pilot
you had better switch seats!"

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Summer is Coming...

Summer is fast approaching, the grass is getting green, leaves are forming on the trees and the Environmentalist Wacos are going to be screeming the earth is warming up!


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The New Dynamic Site...

This site is now powered by T-Handle and is completely Dynamic!. T-Handle is a template language that employs object handlers that mine data from databases to produce web pages. T-Handle produces the HTML code that is sent over the wire and only the data has to be maintained. Yea T-Handle!

Never heard of T-Handle... that's because I wrote it and the only place it's deployed is right here! T-Handle is not yet ready for public consumption... but it will be soon... real so soon!

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This Site...

This is my personal site specifically designed for me... my fiends and family. All are still welcome. Be nice... be curtious... and read my Terms of Service.

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