Winning, Winning and more Winning...

Thank you President Trump!

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Smell a Little Fishy?

I have some things that are troubling to me... about this so called election...

Chris Wallace and our corrupt news media seemed to be adamant about wheather or not Trump would accept the results of the 2020 election as they were in 2016...    Fishy

Trump was clearly in the lead on election day... then mysteriously... as more and more ballots were found... for Biden... the lead dissaperad...     Fishy

Smells Fishy

Republican poll watchers were denied access to the counting of the votes - forcibly in places...     Fishy

The Pensilvania supreme court went against the US constitution and ruled that ballots could be recieved whenever... wherever... and however. Overridding the state legislature that said they all had to be in by 8PM on election day...     Fishy

Software glitches compounded problems. Sounds harmless... but it was changing votes, from Republican to Democrat... gave thousands of votes China Joe...     Fishy

The state of Wisconcin wound up with more votes that voters...     Really Fishy

In Wisconsin... clerks and vote counters were altering absentee ballots that lacked a witness signature and address by writing in there own...     Very Fishy

Now the Fake nEWS media (FEWS) is claiming Biden the winner. Let's look back to 2000... when did the FEWS reluctantly declare Gorge W the winner.. after how many recounts?     Annoying

And they say there is no evidence? C'Mon Man!

Don't piss down my neck and tell me it's raining.

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The Lie of 2020...

China Joe was sworn in as the 46th President... now America begins living "The Lie". Although the Dems do have a history of stuffing the ballot box... nothing has ever compared to this.

With all the alleged... the testimony from thousands of witnesses... the impossible stats... the audits that proved the fraud... the vote totals going down on live television... the videos of re-running stacks of ballots... numerous times... suitcases of ballots hidden underneath tables... even bragging about what they did... none of it was ever looked at... listened too... or even considered.

They even admitted it... yes... the fact that the media and big tech wouldn't allow any one to deviate from the narrative... "the lie"... that the 2020 election was "fair and honest"... was in itself an admission of guilt.

Think about it... it was a completely different story in 2016 when... with NO evidence... and a made up dossier that everyone, including the FBI knew was a fraud... they went on for FOUR YEARS with a complete hoax about a Russian Collusion and a stolen election.

Good people were harassed... their homes invaded at 4AM... bogus charges brought against them... names dragged through the mud... reputations destroyed... and some left in financial ruin.

If... during that 2016 charade... there was even one tenth of one percent of the evidence... Trump and a slew of other people would have been frog marched to jail.

Why did they do all that? They were sending a message to YOU.

"Don't you ever try this again!
And if you do
this is what will happen."

Why do you think they're talking about reprogramming Trump Supporters?
By the way... that's what hitler did.

In the end... they didn't just steal an election... they stole your right to pick your governor... your leaders... they stole your right to be governed.
They stole your freedom.

Now that they can control all of Government through rigged elections... the rest is easy. They'll take...

  • your right to keep arms...
  • your right to free speach...
  • your right to worship...
  • your privacy and...
  • your dignity.

They'll be replaced with your right to be ruled.

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China Joe...

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  • daniels
    I think he looks good in orange... better than black and white stripes




    01/12/2021 21:06:05

  • jethro
    That's funny...




    01/12/2021 15:48:12

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When The Dems Cry Foul...

When the Dems are crying out...

That's a Threat to Democracy!

...that means they're cheating!

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  • donnie
    Don't they always whine and complain when ANY one else wins... but always quiet when they're cheating.




    12/20/2020 18:52:50

  • kennyl
    a.k.a. Undermining Democracy!




    12/20/2020 10:58:31

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Congratulations President Donald J Trump!

President Donald J Trump

Against all odds... you did it!

Mr. President... you deserve to stand up and take a bow.

You have total support from Patriot... this

I'm still pinching myself.

ps: I've been on the Trump Train so long...

I'm still waiting to get off.

By the way:  You can't spell


without... I Donald J. Trump

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